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Loki - The God Of Mischief

Loki, the divine force of evil is a main figure and god in Norse folklore. A swindler and a shapeshifter - the most clever of the considerable number of divine beings.

Loki appears to us as a friend of the Chief god Odin, and the thunder god Thor. It is told Loki was helping the relentless divine beings accomplish their objectives with his cunning plans but at the same time was causing a ton of humiliation and troublesome circumstances. Many times Loki showed up as an adversary of the divine beings, the odd one out, spreading disorder and misery. Loki was also the main cause of the death of the god Balder (a child of Odin and Freya).

Because of this, Loki was affixed to stone by the inner parts of one of his children.

His mate was the female Giant Angreboda with which Loki created a little girl named Hel - the goddess of death, Jormungand - the snake that encompasses the world and prevents the water from getting away from the edge, and Fenrir - the immense wolf that will murder the main god Odin (as per Ragnarok).


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